Ross Melanson

The content of page51 carries out the vision of its Founding Editor and Creative Director, Ross Melanson. It manifests his conviction that historical and philosophical elements are useful in answering the questions of an honest inquiry into contemporary art and culture.Ross Melanson DrawingThe site demonstrates his guiding opinion that every effort should be taken to aid artists in fulfilling and expanding both their understanding and vision. As well, it demonstrates his thought that every effort should be taken to encourage and aid the public in their desire to more fully understand the meaning and significance implied in art.

Ross Melanson is a poet and visual artist based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is the Founding Editor and Creative Director of this site. He is also an independent scholar, Adjunct Professor, and free-lance art critic.

Over all, he has dedicated the entirety of his practice to exploring the complex relationship between theories of knowledge and their manifestations in human self-understanding and artistic expression. Specifically, he has focused his attention on language and art as representational objects.


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