An Uncoded World: Exploring Places Beyond Cultural Geography

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LOCATION:                                   Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands Program
DATES:                                          November 3 -15, 2014
APPLICATION DEADLINE:       September 30, 2014
PRICE:                                           $850 + HST

We are very pleased to announce that Ross Melanson, the Founding Editor and Creative Director of page51, will be facilitating a Thematic Residency at Artscape Gibraltor Point on the Toronto Islands in November of 2014.  Generally, the residency is designed to provide experiences that will stimulate the participant’s imagination in regard to their experience of nature and will help them explore new ways to express that experience in their work.

The formal description of the residency is as follows:

Marshall McLuhan has stated that the ways in which we conceptualize space often determines the nature of the art we make. He has suggested that we are directed by a long history of art making with an almost singular and undue emphasis on the visual. This emphasis fails to acknowledge that, in the human project of knowing, we are not detached and objective observers but active participants. How do we see nature and create works that are not entirely directed from this long and coded history of art making? How do we make art that acknowledges the broader reality of the entire human sensorium? How do we engage with a reality that often lies beyond all our assumptions of it? AN UNCODED WORLD: EXPLORING PLACES BEYOND CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY is a directed, collaborative and dialogical residency that will facilitate common and poetic experiences to provoke the imagination and stimulate explorations of new ways to render human experiences in art. It will achieve this goal by using artist talks, thought experiments, workshops, poetry walks, group discussions, and a diversity of other experiences. An abundance of time will be provided for either studio practice or contemplation.

If you have specific questions regarding this residency and its content, please feel free to contact Ross Melanson.

You can find information about this residency, the application process, and  Artscape Gibraltor Point here.

You can find a brief description of some of the residency curriculum here.

Ross Melanson

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He is a poet, visual artist, and independent scholar living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He is the Founding Editor of page51 - a website dedicated to exploring the relationship between art, culture, and philosophy. Read more →, or

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