The Initiation

I first met Marion Piper at a Thematic Residency hosted by Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands. It was our mutual love for words and images in our artistic work that drew us into that residency and into the proximity of each other.

This collaboration on page51 is an expression of our desire to explore the nature of communication over great distances.  Over time, we will communicate to each other without a direct understanding about the nature of the subjects we are, in actuality, discussing.

It is our desire that you too would take this journey of exploration with us.

Marion Piper is a writer, artist and gallery assistant based in Melbourne, Australia. Her art making practice examines the role of personal text and memory in the face of trauma. You can read my review of Glass Confetti, Ms. Piper’s latest book of poetry, here and you can purchase a copy of Glass Confetti here.

Ross Melanson

About Ross Melanson

He is a poet, visual artist, and independent scholar living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He is the Founding Editor of page51 – a website dedicated to exploring the relationship between art, culture, and philosophy. Read more →, or

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